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TPH – Waterproofing and Ground Support

TPH Curtain Injection (Stopping Water) – ACRYLATE GEL TPH Injection Into Sandstone Walls – ACRYLATE GEL – 5 bar TPH Flexible Crack Injection with Acrylate Gel – ACRYLATE GEL TPH V-PRESS Injection Hoses Injecting-V-PRESS+ACRYLATE GEL
TPH Bored Pile Walls Sealing (Hydrophobic Purpose) – AQUAPROTECT® TPH Solidification Annulus Gap Grouting Tunneling – F800 + RUBBERTITE TPH Metal Waterstops – FERROQUELL – FERROTACK – FERROSTOSS – FERROECT TPH Conservation of Structural Elements for Tunnel Preservation – AQUAPROTECT®
TPH Solid Structure Crack Injection – EPOXY RESIN
TPH Bio-Gas Plant Sealing – AQUAPROTECT®
TPH Tunnel Shuttering with Sealing System – FERROLINK
TPH Sealing for Biogas Plants – FIX-O-FLEX E – PROOFMATE E 
TPH -BAUMA 2016 TPH Concrete Repair – PCC Mortars TPH Shuttering – FERROLINK
TPH Water Stopping – FOAM SEAL
TPH Cross-passages Sealing – HYDROFIX T-System TPH Waterproof Coating for Waste Water – HYDROPOX -EP TPH Solid Crack Injection – HYDROPOX EP1 TPH Repair of Installed Tunnel Liner Segments – HYDROPOX EP1 LV
TPH Tunnel Coating – HYDROPOX EPG-T TPH EP Coating for BIOGAS Plants – HYDROPOX EPG-T TPH Manhole Cover Sealing – HYDROPOX FLEX SF TPH Repair of Damaged Tunnel Liner Segments -HYDROPOX SF
TPH Joint Profiles and Sealing Compound – PROOFMATE EK & FIX-O-FLEX TPH Upgrade of Expansion Joints – HYDROTITE – PROOFMATE E – FIX-O-FLEX H TPH Fast Sealing of Pipe Breakthroughs – HYDROTITE & FIX-O-FLEX 2K TPH Build-up Sealing Blocks (Micro Tunneling – Shaft Punching) – RUBBERTITE
TPH Hydrophilic Rubber – HYDROTITE® CJ TPH Micro Fine Cement Injection – MICROFINE CEMENT TPH Metal Waterstops – FERROQUELL® II TPH Injection Into Masonry – POLYURETHANE RESIN
TPH Sealing Crack Injection – POLYURETHANE RESIN TPH V-PRESS Injection Hoses Injecting – V-PRESS +POLYURETHANE RESIN TPH Sealing for Biogas Plants – PROOFMATE EK TPH Sealing of Joints with HYDROPHILIC Rubber – HYDROTITE
TPH Underwater SEALING – PROOFMATE F TPH Smoke Duct Sealing – PROOFMATE FD TPH Flexible Membrane Sealing System –
TPH Membrane Sealing – PROOFMATE FD
TPH Joint Tubes – PROOFMATE WATERSTOPS TPH Sealing Construction Joints – PROOFMATE Waterstops TPH Ground Stabilization – SOLID SEAL TPH V-PRESS Injection Hoses Injecting – V-PRESS + PUR-O-CRACK
TPH V-PRESS Injection Hoses Injecting – V-PRESS + PUR-O-CRACK TPH V-PRESS Injection Hoses Injecting – V – PRESS + PUR-O-CRACK TPH Stopping of Water Inrush – PUR-O-CRACK & PUR-O-STOP HF TPH Sealing While Driving (Micro Tunneling) PUR-O-STOP FLEX
TPH Solidification of Droppings in Archs – PUR-O-STOP FS TPH Pipe Shield Injection (Manchet Tubbing) – PUR-O-STOP FS TPH Filling / Solidification Geological Formations – PUR-O-STOP FS TPH Filling and Solidification of Cavern (Micro Tunneling) – PUR-O-STOP FS
TPH Waste Waters Sealing – AQUAPROTECT®
TPH Stopping Water Inrush – Bored Piles – PUR-O-STOP FS TPH Stopping Water Inrush – PUR-O-STOP FS $ FS-TX TPH Stopping of Water Inrush – PUR-O-STOP FS FAST
TPH BAUMA 2016 PUR-O-STOP FS-F & TX Demonstration TPH Waterproofing of the Sealing Ring Tunneling – QUELLFLEX® TPH Tunnel Preservation & Restoration- R1100 / F2102FV TPH Sealing Underground Car Park – RUBBERTITE
TPH Water Cut Off – Driven Sheet Piles – RUBBERTITE TPH Ground Stabilization From Surface (manchette tubing) – RUBBERTITE TPH Annulus Gap Grouting (Micro Tunneling) – RUBBERTITE TPH Sealing of Pipe Breakthroughs – HYDROTITE & HYDROPOX FLEX SF
TPH Soil Stabilization Waterproofing (Tunneling) – RUBBERTITE + SIL-O-FOAM TPH Artificial Barrier to Deviate Water Aggressive to Concrete –
TPH Expansion Joints Repair -VARIOTITE + POLINIT + PROOFMATE F + FIX-O-FLEX TPH Dikes Filling and Solidifying Emergency Measure – RUBBERTITE & FOAM SEAL
TPH Tunnel Curtain Injection – RUBBERTITE TPH Anchoring and Stabilizing of Bored Pile Walls – SOLID SEAL TPH Joint Profiles –
TPH Ground Stabilization –
TPH Excavation with Ground Consolidation – VARIOTITE TPH Expansion Joints Repair – ACRYLATE GEL– VARIOTITE+POLINIT TPH Dikes Preventive Sealing and Solidifying – RUBBERTITE TPH Top Joint Injection for Tunneling – V-PRESS & F9200 

Optima-Engineering – Mobile Containers and Trailers

Foldable Mobile Containers Multipurpose Foldable Containers Hydraulic Self-Levelling System


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